Saturday, May 2, 2015

Clouds Have Lifted, and Shorelines Beckon!

Almost all my photography begins with the walk and a slow unfolding of place. It is out of this intersection between the journey and a place that my personal reflections are born. So it was with my trip to Long Beach Island, NY. 

As photography goes, these images are a fairly straightforward bit of photographic technique.  Photographers have their own array of skills to call upon, just as potters, plumbers and musicians do.  Everyone has their approach, their method, so to speak, and good photographers spend time practicing and honing them.

So it was this particular morning. First I put on a soft neutral density filter to allow me to drag the shutter so that the waves licking the shoreline look like brush strokes.  The light lasted five or six minutes. I changed my viewpoint a couple of times, and I got another frame on the as the last flash of light turned the clouds red. Then the show was over until tomorrow and the next day. The resulting pictures carry a strong sense of serenity.  


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