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The Ravens and the Ruins

  With the tent set up at our campsite inside the breathtaking and tranquil Hovenweep National Monument, we hiked to the Castle and beneath a canopy of trees we ate our lunch. The air was cool and the sun was setting low in the indigo sky. The staggering beauty of the walls provides stories no photo could hope to create. Out of nowhere, dark, gray clouds blew in, masking the sun and dropping the temperature about fifteen degrees. It drizzled sporadically for about an hour. Suddenly the clouds parted and sunbeams bathed the ruins in light. We were cognizant to all of the natural wonders and beauty of the ruins. I had never been so impressed by an act of nature. In this desert of mystery and mysticism, it felt as if an ancient Anasazi God had been watching over us. Above, ravens arced across the sky whispering amongst themselves the secrets of millenniums long since passed… "Like a Blessing" I thought, "Like a gift".

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