Lighthouses - Symbols of Hope and Light!

"A lighthouse is such a potent image: practical, because lives depend on it, 
and at the same time, utterly romantic, this lonely building on the cusp of 
land and sea, sending out light into the darkness."
~Jeannette Winterson

Lighthouses are symbols of strength, resilience and hope. Some see personal spirituality with the beacon giving guidance in their own personal quest for meaning in their lives. These differing perspectives of lighthouses all inspire an affinity for the special places created at the meeting point of water and earth. The timeless relationship and the interactive dynamics between sea, earth and sky, touching and caressing the lighthouse at every moment of the day, inspired me to create the images in this collection.

Cape Cod, MA

West Quoddy, ME

Bass Harbor, MA

Annisquam, R.I.
Peggy's Cove, NS

Cape May, NJ

You have to visit the coast in the summer in order to experience the smell of fresh air. Near the ocean with each crashing wave, the fresh air is filled with scents that are at full peak in summer. In the woods, the fresh air is filled with pine scent and moss. Each is unique and has a calming influence over the senses. 
I hear from people all the time about the lighthouses they love and why. It seems everybody has a lighthouse story. 

And, likewise, every lighthouse has a story.

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