The Four Winds

In the book by Carlos Castaneda, “The Second Ring of Power”,  female warriors are referred to as the four winds. Using his narrative I wanted to illustrate his words with my photographs.
Here is that portfolio.

The first wind is the morning breeze.  She brings hope and brightness. She is optimistic, lighthearted, smooth and persistent like a steady breeze. She is the eastern woman and she is happy and wise.

The second wind is the hard wind, either hot or cold.  Blasting full of energy she breaks through doors and brings down walls. She is strength and she is resourceful and tenacious. She is the northern woman and she is energetic and commandeering

The third is the cold wind of the afternoon.  A wind that would never leave you in peace.  She will chill you and make you cry. She is feeling and is introspective. She is the western woman and she is moody and melancholy  and always pensive.

And at last there is the hot wind.  She warms and protects.  She is a night wind for sorcerers.  Her power goes together with the darkness.  She is the southern woman and her concentration is so intense that it can penetrate the thick armor of appearances, and expose the essence of things. 
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