Why Black and White Photography?

Black and white photography has enjoyed a richly-deserved renaissance in recent years, and it allows us to look at the subject matter in a more direct and elemental manner. In fact, some people believe that black and white adds credibility by offering a less commercial point of view than color photography.

Quality black and white photography is a true art, given the high degree of subjective judgment involved with the process. However, it need not be a lost art, particularly if photographers and their clients are clearly communicating their expectation and work together.

Every good print begins with a quality photograph and no amount of fine-tuning in photoshop can compensate for a poor photo. A professional photographer experienced in his craft has planned each shot by determining lighting, composition and film selection (although digital far outpaces film today it doesn’t mean film is any less viable)

The final outcome of the work hinges on a diverse combination of factors starting with a superior photograph; making a quality image of the proper size and determining the best conversion to final output, to name a few. Below are a few of my recent assignments where black and white photography was a request.

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Jams Evangelista



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