Portraits of the Great American Worker

The noise is deafening, the particulate in the air is worse than the smell of the resins that permeate the air. Yet the mood is upbeat, the workers quick to greet their coworkers. American workers are the foundation of our culture. They represent the heart and soul of the nation. Their economic contribution is enormous and their commitment to the American ideology never falters.
I set out to capture shots that speak to the character of the American worker.   American workers are among the most productive in the entire world. Dedicated, proud, productive.  They are intelligent, hard working, professionals who are proud of what they do.  I don’t know if these portraits show the stress of their lives etched on their faces, or the satisfaction of a job well done.  Are they defeated or are they strong in the face of adversity?  
The American work ethic has its roots in a pioneer spirit that understands that individual success is a personal responsibility.
Instead of relying on the government, an employer, or a income-class to decide what employment they should be working at, or how many hours they should be working, or how many days of vacation they must be given, the American worker still obtains it the old-fashioned way – they earn it.

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