Bridal Gown Photography Shoot

I had the recent pleasure of producing and shooting a new project. I can recall taking the very first exposure thinking, "here we go...I hope this whole thing works out".

Every body of work comes to life in it’s own unique way and I’d like to thank everyone involved in making this project a success. The crew was gracious, kind and professional. Their willingness to participate fueled the progress of this 2 day shoot. For this shoot the following was brought: a strobe kit, grids, light stands, gels and diffusion (simple, simple, simple). Intentionally, I wanted to get by with less. Sometimes the secret is eliminating some of the distractions.

It was my pleasure to create a new product page and promo with the client. This was our first collaboration...I'm looking forward to the next.

Styling : Lauren Raske

Model: Angela Izzo & Chantal Mamula

Hair and Make Up : Liz Jacobs


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