The White Queen of Mystery

Some say Queen Anne’s Lace was named for Anne, Mother of Mary, Grandmother of Jesus. Others say that she was growing in royal gardens when Queen Anne became bride to James the first. Queen Anne was an accomplished lace maker. She challenged her ladies in waiting to a contest, to see who could make lace as beautiful as a flower. The Queen won the contest and the flower won her name.

There is a simultaneous array of stages of blossoming; from buds, to wide open flat flower, to umbrella shaped flowers, to flowers closing up and making a tight nest-like shape where seeds are forming. 

When her blossoms are just beginning to open, they may have a pale pink tinge. 

Her wide white flowers are actually a collection of many flowers, each growing on a stem that radiates out in a starburst pattern.

Queen Anne’s Lace offers sacred geometry, interconnectedness and pathways to use in our approach toward the infinite; and the same pathways lead back to the exquisite structure of her presence in our lives in the airy warmth of summertime.


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