As Frank Sinatra said "It's been a very good year"

 “Of course, I don’t mind if you look around”, I say. Some people purchase a piece without even thinking about it: an impulse buy on a perfect afternoon. Some of my images reach out and grab them by the heartstrings, or remind them of a life-changing event. Some of my images conjure up peaceful feelings in the viewer. And sometimes they are looking at a photograph for reasons they can't even fathom. The memories so thick they have to brush them away from their faces. It’s been a successful year by many standards and show apps are already coming due for the 2016 season and to top it off, I’ve won a few awards along the way;
  •   My photograph of Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu, New Mexico has been awarded  the first place prize in the 2015 "Art of the State" competition at The State Museum of Pennsylvania
  •     First Place Prize - Bel Air Md. Festival of the Arts.
  •    My photograph “Oneida Falls” was chosen by the National Park Service for their calendar.
  •     My images and text on Elakala Falls was published by Outdoor Photography magazine.

I photograph for a living. I’ve been shooting to make ends meet since I left school. It is my way of surviving, of earning a living and of navigating this world. It is my way of bringing something to the table, contributing what I believe is the best thing I have to offer for others to enjoy. I am  in the business of storytelling. I always have been, always will be. Telling stories with pictures, bringing life to characters,  visualizing scenes and staging sequences of events, all with images that tell a story. All in exchange for a penny, a smile and a little of your time and attention.
I think that’s it. At least those are the ones that come to mind. Thank you judges, jurors, and clients.


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