Quaker Park Business Campus, James Evangelista Architectural Photography

Quaker Park business campus is not the most spectacular looking building, but it is a highly functional and resourceful space with simple design made beautiful. The builder reached out to me to photograph this project, and upon arriving I knew I was in for a long day.  

All projects have problems to be solved and this one was no different. This specific problem was that I only had one day to photograph the space and I was seeing way to many angles that needed to be captured.  Through the process of elimination I selected 8 shots that would tell the story of this project the best and went to work.

Above is a behind the scenes look at me creating one of my favorite shots of the set.   

One of the most challenging aspects of lighting a wide shot of a space is finding places to hide my supplemental lighting.  My lights were tucked between a glass wall and a pillar.  

Each “pod” provides private offices, open bullpens, and virtual conference rooms to interconnect to their other global offices.  Emphasis of the design is to promote openness with fully glazed fronted offices, open ceilings, and office bullpens on exterior window walls.

I had a great time shooting and I want to thank the staff for being so accommodating.


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