So, how rough is the road to Point Sublime? If you are up to traveling a long, rough and remote back-country road, you’ll be rewarded at the far end of this drive with one of the most breathtaking views in the West.  The road is mainly just a dirt path that travels through the Kaibab Forest, desert areas, canyon cliffs and sublime meadows. In some places it is a double track deep in the earth. In other places it is just a small trail cutting thru the forest. These roads are very narrow in places and most of the time scrub brush and pinion pines were scraping the sides of our jeep. The final section of road passes through a portion of the forest that is layered with tiny lavender flowers.

There is no way to adequately describe how beautiful the canyon looks from this vantage point, where you can see in three directions. Canyon Swallows, Vultures, Ravens, and Golden Eagles are commonly seen soaring or maneuvering over the canyon. Occasionally an endangered California Condor is seen.

We all gathered at the furthest most point to watch the canyon glow warm and red as the sun set below the horizon. We sat feet from the edge staring thousands of feet down to the canyon’s depths, watching as shadows slowly overtook more and more of it. Standing here overlooking the sheer beauty of what has to be one of the most fantastic views on earth, It truly makes me feel that my life is just a pinpoint on a very long timeline. The Grand Canyon is truly something that has to be experienced.


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